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In today's foreign trade marketplace, retailers, manufacturers, and importers must be aware of the increasingly complex standards governing product and production quality and safety. Performing just a cursory examination of product samples or manufacturing facilities may not be enough to ensure that they are of the quality desired. YTII can help you achieve and document the quality, safety, and performance levels required to compete in today's marketplace.

Yangzhou Imp.&Exp.Toy Inspection Institute of P.R.C.(YTII)'s product inspection aims at providing clients with quality planning and control support.

The services involve initial factory evaluation, pre-production inspection, during production inspection, final random inspection and loading supervision.

Initial Factory Evaluation -- Our experienced inspectors evaluate the prodction capacities, machinery and instrument, management and quality control system of a factory. We ensure that the factory conforms to the clients requirements.

Pre-Production Inspection -- We evaluate the raw materials, components and methods adherence to the requirement of our clients, and determine conformity to specifications to start-up.

During Production Inspection -- We randomly check the semi-finished and finished products in the early stage of production, and recommend corrective measures and improvements to the factory. Production statue can also be verfied at this stage.

Final Random Inspection -- We randomly select samples from the cartons for inspection after the productions is completed and packed. Usually the standard MIL-SID-105E is used for final random inspedction.

Loading supervision -- We are present at the loading site and witness of finished product loading into containers including counting cartons and ensuring cargo is correct against shipping documents.


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